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March 7, 2012

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2 Responses to “TheRiverGoddess”

  1. New Look, New Direction!

    Alyssa, the River Goddess, and the rest of the Alyssa Chronicles team are headed onwards and upwards—under the guidance of Cool Well Press, a fast-growing independent publisher of young adult fiction and fantasy. CWP is releasing a new edition of The River Goddess & Other Stories in June, under a different and beautifully designed cover, as an E-book and paperback.

    The book will be available at Cool Well Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble—as well as its home base, Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe. Starfriends, Book II in the series, will soon follow, expanded to include the development of Alyssa and Rolf’s magical romance.

    Stay tuned to River Goddess Updates for a schedule of readings, workshops, and related events with Alyssa and her friends!

  2. beautiful!!! I really like the new cover. lumina

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