A Little Shout Out for my Friends

By orendahealing

August 14, 2013

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A Little Shout Out for My Friends!


I want to take a minute to thank some folks who have helped make this campaign possible.


Andrew Swan, videographer and IT wizard.  Andrew spent hours on original video shoots and edited the Indiegogo video.  Not only that, he helped me through every aspect of downloading footage from my own camera, loading it into I-Movie and from there into Google Drive, and finally into Youtube.  Andrew is the most patient tech-savvy person I’ve worked with in years!

Linda Carfagno, photographer and filmmaker.  Linda allowed me to drag her out to the arroyo behind Museum Hill here in Santa Fe, with a thunderstorm threatening, to shoot the arroyo segment in the video.  She also gave me invaluable advice on costuming (which I didn’t follow, alas!), positioning, speaking, etc.

Lumina Greenway, founding board member of Orenda Healing International and dear friend.  Lumina has been there for me in more ways than I can count throughout  all the  years we’ve known each other.  She also donated generously and privately to the River Goddess Project, and continues to offer excellent advice and ongoing support.

Claire McKay, sister and long time supporter.  Claire, Goddess bless her, contributed funds, not only for the original publication of The River Goddess & Other Stories  back in 2010, but also contributed privately towards the River Goddess Project.

Leigh Westergren, daughter and fellow scamp.  Leigh not only gave the River Goddess Project a generous private donation, she also helped by buying quite a few copies of the book in its original edition and sharing them with friends.

Krystal Irwin, daughter and sensible member of the family.  Krystal made some gorgeous bookmarks for the first edition of The River Goddess & Other Stories.

Lewis Riddell, husband and best friend.  What can I say about this guy?  He’s been at my side for 35 years and puts up with every one of my crazy schemes.  He keeps his sense of humor (and his temper, which is more than I can say for myself!) and cheers me on when I feel like everything’s “going to Hell in a handbasket.”  To quote Lew, “it’s been a long, strange trip” (working title of Book III in the Alyssa Chronicles series, by the way) that  seems to be getting more strange as we go.  But I wouldn’t miss a minute of it!

Ellen Kleiner, owner of Blessingway Authors Services and Writer’s Angel.  Ellen has read, encouraged, and supported the River Goddess and Alyssa from the very beginning.  She finally introduced me to Jim Smith at Sunstone for this next leg of our journey and continues to be an enthusiastic, wise, and ever present advisor.

Dorothy Massey, owner of Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe.  Dorothy hosted a fabulous book signing for the first edition of The River Goddess & Other Stories.



Julie Keitges in Berkeley, Dr. Robert Morgan in Albuquerque, Joan Forest Mage in Chicago, and Carol Calvert in Santa Fe, for great reviews…


Kathe Haskell in Dallas, for being the world’s best sales rep…


Luis Guerra in Los Angeles, for early work on an audio book (we will go forward with this as soon as possible)…


James Swan in Cerrillos, for enthusiastic encouragement and a donation to Stone Soup Santa Fe…


Roberta Swan in Cerrillos, for patient encouragement and great wardrobe tips…


All the friends, too numerous to mention, who have bought copies of The River Goddess & Other Stories (1st edition) and shared them with others.


Blessings and thanks to each of you!

One Response to “A Little Shout Out for my Friends”

  1. You deserve all the best. This is a wonderful project.

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